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Successful Day at Omagh Show

Last weekend was extremely busy with Sandra and boys travelling to Omagh Show whilst I was away in England.

We had quite a successful day with 12 first place exhibits, 8 seconds, 1 third and 2 specials with 2 birds on Champions Row.

Main results are detailed below:

Best Wyandotte Female LF
Best Wyandotte Male LF
Best Wellsummer Male LF
Best Wellsummer Female LF
Best Light Breed Male LF - Black Minorca
Best Orpington Male Bantam Black
Best Large Rare Breed Male - Ayam Cemani
Best Large Rare Breed Female - Ayam Cemani
Best Rare Breed Trio - Vorwerk
Best Utility Breed - Wellsummer (Special)

Juvenile Classes

Best Large Heavy Soft Feather - Reserve Best Juvenile Exhibit: Black Orpington (Special)

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Balmoral Show 2018

Enjoyable couple of days at Balmoral Show. Had 22 poultry and egg entries in total with 20 placed 1st to 3rd. 6 firsts, 8 seconds and 6 thirds so an encouraging return as its always a challenge to get birds in decent condition for the summer shows! Well done to all the other exhibitors in particular James Ryan on winning Show Champion and Champion Waterfowl.

A special mention also to the show organisers and stewards for running such a successful show!

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Gosford and Granville Poultry Sales

We will be attending both Gosford and Granville poultry sales tomorrow.

We will have a wide selection of pure breed and hybrid poultry as well as hatching eggs available.

Hybrids: ISA Brown and Bluebell, Black Rock, Light Sussex, Maran, White Leghorns.

Pure Breeds: Buff and Black Orpingtons. Buff Cochin's, Cream Legbars, Araucanas, Black Minorca's, Gold and Silver Laced Wyandottes.

Hatching Eggs available for most of the above breeds but limited availability.

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Harrison and Hetherington Poultry Sale in Carlisle

Clogher Valley Poultry made the long trip to Harrison and Hetherington Poultry Sale in Carlisle last weekend. With almost 2,000 lots of poultry and waterfowl on display there was considerable interest with buyers travelling from across the UK to attend the sale.

Overall we were very happy with the prices we received on the day and managed to get best of breed cards for our Lavender Araucanas and Barnevelders which was pleasing.

We also brought back the overall show champions to the Clogher Valley having purchased a pen of White Wyandottes bred by Mark Hewertson as well as a pair of White Wyandotte bantams bred by David Pownall.

Overall it was a very enjoyable trip and special thanks to everyone that purchased our birds on the day.

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Granville Poultry Sale

We will be attending Granville Poultry Sale tomorrow. We will have a great selection of birds available to purchase on the day.

Birds available include: Hybrids or Egg Producers

ISA Brown Hybrids, Bluebells, Black Rock, Light Sussex, Maran and White Leghorn.

Pure Breeds: Salmon Faverolles, Gold Laced and Silver Laced Wyandottes, Crested Cream Legbar (blue egg layers), Vorwerk, selection of bantams including Pekins and silkies.

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Joshua and Samuel win in Fermanagh

Joshua and Samuel feeling very pleased with themselves after collecting their cup at Fermanagh County Show awards night at the Killyhevlin Hotel.

They won the champion juvenile section at this years show with their white silkie pullet.

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The birds out enjoying the sunshine

Beautiful morning to observe the birds out enjoying the sunshine.

Got my new sheds set into place last week just need to wire off the front of the display areas and add a few more gates and that's another phase of the poultry project complete.

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White Silkie Pullet wins the Champion Juvenile Award

Joshua and Samuel feeling very pleased with themselves after their White Silkie Pullet won the Champion Juvenile award today at Fermanagh County Show in Enniskillen.

Special thanks to Arlene Foster MLA, Diane Dodds MEP and Michelle McIlveen MLA for taking the time to congratulate the boys on their success.

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Omagh Agricultural Show 2015

Andrew Kerr exhibited a number of birds at Omagh Agricultural Show on Saturday 4 th July 2015. The event proved to be a great success with a number of the top poultry breeders and enthusiasts in attendance and well over 200 birds on display.  The well-respected poultry judge from North Antrim, Hugh Thompson was given the responsibility for key decision making on the day and of the 13 birds entered by Clogher Valley Eggs and Poultry, 10 were placed 1 st to 3 rd which represented a great return given the quality of birds on display and the intense competition.

One of the entries a Black Orpington Bantam Female was awarded Best Soft Feather Bantam and made it onto Champions Row.

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Light Sussex Best of Breed Carlisle 2015

Clogher Valley Poultry travelled to Borderway Mart Carlisle on 18 April with a number of pure breed and hybrid stock.  The purpose of the trip was not only to sell birds but to source new stock from reputable breeders and fulfil orders for pure breed stock from customers.

Below is a picture of two Light Sussex females produced by Clogher Valley Poultry which were awarded Best of Breed at the sale.

Light Sussex Best of Breed Carlisle 2015

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Gosford Rare Breeds Show and Sale – Gosford Forest Park 2014

On Saturday 6th September 2014 White Call Ducks exhibited by Andrew Kerr of Clogher Valley Eggs and Poultry were awarded Reserve Champions at Gosford Rare Breeds Survival Trust annual show and sale. 

A most encouraging result given the excellent standard of poultry and waterfowl on display among the 300 entries. 

Congratulations to Daniel Moore on his success in winning the champions trophy with his excellent Buff Orpington Bantams.

CVP White Call Ducks Reserve Champions Gosford 2014

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