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Free Range Poultry Housing

Clogher Valley Eggs and Poultry have used their years of experience to design a unique range of quality poultry housing designed for small flocks of free range poultry. These are all handmade to a high standard of specification. A range of sizes and designs are avialable to suit most situations.

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Attractive coops designed for environments where the hobbyist is seeking to give their birds access to outdoor space within a restricted area. Ideal starter coop which can accommodate 4 to 6 hens. Available with integrated or separate mesh covered runs to protect birds from predators.
Ranger Coop with Integrated Run - £375.00

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Ranger on Wheels

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Following a number of requests from customers we have added wheels as an optional extra to our Ranger Coop. This change of design has been warmly welcomed and allows the coop to be moved with ease around the garden or onto fresh grass. The handles have been integrated into the frame of the run, leaving both a robust but tidy finish. Ranger on Wheels £425.00

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Budget Ranger

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Ideal for new poultry fancier who only has the space for small coop and run. As the name suggests this is suitable for customers on a budget. This coop does not come with a slide out floor but is easily moved around the garden to fresh grass. The mesh covered run offering protection to the birds whilst foraging. Suitable for 2-3 hybrids or breeding set of bantams. Price £195.00

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This is the largest coop within our range with 5 internal nestboxes, 3 internal roosting perches designed to cater for flocks of 16 to 20 birds.

Abbey Coop £495

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Larger coop suitable for 10 to 12 hens

Windsor Coop £395

Duck Houses

This self contained duckhouse is unique to Clogher Valley Eggs and Poultry and features an integral water pond with bung for easy flush cleaning. Integral covered nesting boxes. The plastic slats around the pond allow the ducks droppings to fall through therefore keeping the ducks clean at all times. Suitable for 5-6 call ducks.

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Custom Made Runs

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Windsor with Walk in Run

Custom made runs are available for all of our poultry housing types and can be adjusted according to the customers specification.

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Poultry Housing

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