Coloured Hybrids

Coloured hybrids are based on combinations of some of the best traditional breeds.

This crossing provides healthy stock well suited for the free range situation and which will produce high egg numbers.The hens are similar to those used in commercial free range units but are reared on our own small farm under our personal supervision.

Commercial Hybrids

Commercial hybrid chickens are particular commercial crossbreeds based on those originally selected in the 1950s for the battery cage producers seeking to vastly increase production over the traditional pure breeds.

They are derived from just a few of the more productive pure breeds and are generally brown in colour; of uniform size and shape and produce 250 -300 eggs over 2 years.

These will be cheaper than other poultry as they are reared in large numbers and are ideal where your primary interest is in providing fresh eggs for the family at minimum cost.

Pure Breeds

Clogher Valley Eggs and Poultry offers a range of traditional pure breeds of poultry suitable for free range and garden situations.

These hens are mainly supplied between February and October but delivery can be arranged throughout the year if required. All are available individually or in small lots suitable for the breeder or family interested in supplying their eggs direct from their own small flock.

To ensure that we meet our exacting quality standards we concentrate on a few breeding lines and exhibit many of these at local and National Shows. Each breed has its own distinct appearance and characteristics, which are summarised below.

Please come and see us at local Shows or contact us on Andrew 07812 138528 for further information; to discuss your requirements and for details of availability and cost.