On Saturday 7th August we made the short trip to Enniskillen to support Fermanagh County Show.

We enjoyed a great day out and were awarded overall Show Champion with a Bantam Black Orpington Cockeral as well as Reserve Champion with a Large Black Orpington Hen, with 9 of our exhibits making it onto Champions Row.

Matthew Samuel and Joshua also followed up their success in Fermanagh in 2017 by again winning the Juvenile Champion Award with another large Black Orpington this time a pullet. We a lso secured the overall Champion Egg exhibit with 5 Blue Cream Legbar Eggs.

Overall it was a really enjoyable day and it was very pleasing to finally secure the championship at my local show. Special thanks to the poultry judge Ryan McLaren, the show organisers and stewards for their professionalism and organisation on the day.

Show Champion Bantam Black Orpington Cockeral 

Overall we secured:

Best Bantam Heavy Breed & Show Champion - Black Orpington Male
Best Large Heavy Breed & Reserve Show Champion - Black Orpington Female
Best Large Light Breed - Welsummer Male
Best Bantam Light Breed, Silkie Female
Best Rare Breed - Ayam Cemani Male
Best Light Waterfowl, White Runner Drake
Best Wyandotte In Show, White Wyandotte Female
Best Bantam Waterfowl, White Call Duck
Best Juvenile, Black Orpington Female
Best Eggs, plate of 5 AOC hen eggs

White Wyandotte - Best White Wyandotte Fermanagh County Show 2018

Large Fowl Black Orpington Female Reserve Champion Fermanagh County Show 2018

Wellsummer Cockeral which won the Best Light Breed Class at Fermanagh County Show 2018.  Also pictured is the White Call Duck Female which won the Best Bantam Call Duck Class.

Ayam Cemani Cockeral which won Best Rare Breed at Fermanagh County Show 2018