Pure Breeds

Clogher Valley Eggs and Poultry offers a range of traditional pure breeds of poultry suitable for free range and garden situations.

These hens are mainly supplied between February and October but delivery can be arranged throughout the year if required. All are available individually or in small lots suitable for the breeder or family interested in supplying their eggs direct from their own small flock.

To ensure that we meet our exacting quality standards we concentrate on a few breeding lines and exhibit many of these at local and National Shows. Each breed has its own distinct appearance and characteristics, which are summarised below.

Please come and see us at local Shows or contact us on Andrew 07812 138528 or Sandra 07531 136313 for further information; to discuss your requirements and for details of availability and cost .


The Araucana is a breed of domestic chicken from Chile. Its name derives from the Araucanía region of Chile where it is believed to have originated. It lays blue-shelled eggs, one of very few breeds that do so.

Recognized variety stocked: Lavender
Egg color: Blue
Origin: Chile
Adult male weight (lbs.): 5
Adult female weight (lbs.): 4 – 4



The Legbar is a rare British autosexing chicken breed. It was created in the early twentieth century by Reginald Crundall Punnett and Michael Pease at the Genetical Institute of Cambridge University.

Primary use: eggs
Egg production (annual): 180
Egg size: Medium
Temperament: Forager
Recognized variety stocked: Cream
Egg color: Green



The Leghorn is a breed of chicken originating in Tuscany, in central Italy. Highly regarded egg producer of white eggs.

Primary use: eggs
Egg production (annual): 280
Temperament: Nervous, Flighty
Recognized variety: Single Comb White, Black, Brown and Lavender
Egg color: White
Origin: Tuscany



The Marans, French: Poule de Marans, is a breed of chicken from the port town of Marans, in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region of south-western France.

Primary use: dual-purpose meat/eggs
Egg production (annual): 150
Egg size: Large
Temperament: Quiet, Docile
Recognized variety stocked: Cuckoo and Black Copper.
Egg color: Dark brown



The Silkie is a breed of chicken named for its atypically fluffy plumage, which is said to feel like silk and satin.

Primary use: eggs
Egg production (annual): 100
Egg size: Small
Temperament: Friendly, Calm
Recognized variety stocked: Non-Bearded White, Non-Bearded Gold
Egg color: Tinted, Cream



The Sussex is a British breed of dual-purpose chicken, reared both for its meat and for its eggs.

Primary use: dual-purpose meat/eggs
Egg production (annual): 250
Egg size: Large
Temperament: Alert, Docile
Recognized variety stocked: Buff, Speckled, Light.
Egg color: Brown, Cream, Tan



The Welsummer or Welsumer is a Dutch breed of domestic chicken originating in the small village of Welsum, in the eastern Netherlands. Known as a great forager.

Primary use: ornamental
Egg production (annual): 180
Egg size: Large
Temperament: Friendly, Intelligent
Recognized variety: Partridge.
Egg color: Dark brown

White Pekin

White Pekins are a new breed to CVP. More information to follow

Primary use: tba
Egg production (annual): tba
Egg size: tba
Temperament: tba
Recognized variety stocked: tba
Egg color: tba


The Wyandotte is an American breed of chicken developed in the 1870s. It was named for the indigenous Wyandot people of North America. The Wyandotte is regarded as a dual-purpose breed, kept for its brown eggs and its yellow-skinned meat.

Primary use: dual-purpose meat/eggs
Egg production (annual): 200
Egg size: Large
Temperament: Docile
Recognized variety stocked: Silver Laced, Gold Laced, Silver Pencilled and White
Egg color: Brown, Tan

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