We will be attending two separate events this Saturday. We will have our normal stand at the poultry sale in Louth which is held at The Rosewood, Ravansdale.

We will also be travelling to the poultry sale and auction organised by Davy Kerr of Farm Gate Fruit and Vegetables.
We will have a nice selection of poultry available at both events. However, we do have some exhibition entries for Davy Kerrs auction in Kircubbin, these are pictured below.
Hybrid Egg Laying Stock
ISA Brown Hybrids (18 Weeks)
Coloured Hybrids (18 Weeks)
Black Rock
White Leghorn
Buff Barred
Barred Marans
Light Sussex
Amber Stars
Lemon Cuckoo, Buff, White, Milifleur & Blue Pekin Bantams.
White Silkies
Blue Laced Wyandotte bantams
Light Sussex bantam pullets
Large Fowl
Light Sussex & Buff Sussex Pullets
Copper Black Maran Pullets (Dark Egg Layers)
Red Mottled Leghorn Pullets
Black, Lavender & White Araucanas (Green Egg Layers)
Rhode Island Red
We will also have some fantastic White Runners and some call ducks available.
Call Andrew on 07812138528 for further information or send a private message to reserve birds as demand is currently very high across both the hybrid and pure breed range